Winter Is Coming…

The heat is cranked. The frost is here. The ice is on our patio. The hot tub steam looks like a Snoop Dogg video. This only means one thing…..WINTER IS (almost) HERE!


So, there are a few things that I need to get myself ready for winter and my second ski season. I’m having trouble deciding what to buy so I’m hoping my readers can help me.

I need a winter jacket that is warm with a big COZY hood. This is for every day life (remember, I take the bus) and my style is business casual. Which jacket should I buy?

This is from Aritzia and is $275 (note: I do not look like this model and am only 5″1):

Aspen Parka

Aspen Parka

This is from North Face and is $400:

Arctic Parka

Arctic Parka

When Shayne told me I needed a new ski jacket, I argued. He then reminded me that my ski jacket is from a lost and found and that it’s a large men’s jacket. TOUCHE!

Will this be sufficient?



Or how about this?



Just kidding. I will probably buy something that is on sale and I don’t really care about how I look. Really, I’ll be covered is snow so you won’t be able to tell what I’m wearing. Any suggestions?

I also “need” a new paid of ski boots. Mine are ones that belonged to someone else. I don’t want to spend more money but I understand the importance of great boots. Mine will come from Fanatyk Co and I’m sure the will cost me a pretty penny. That’s okay because I will wear them for a few years.

I also need new mittens, fancy touque and two bikinis (for the hot tub and for my trip to Jamaica). Life up here can be very expensive. Do you have any cost saving tips for me (besides dumpster diving and digging through lost and found)?


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