Days Off

The sanctity of a day off can be easily clouded by all of the fun things that life has to throw at you. This time of year can be busy with events, skiing, work, parties, parties and more parties. November and December are so busy with trips to Vancouver, Seattle, Vancouver again, Prince George and Kamloops that I EMBRACE and cherish my days off. Being once self employed, I saw days off as something different. Nowadays, I appreciate my weekends more than you will ever know!

This past weekend I had only 1 thing planned and that was to pamper myself. Once upon a time I was the girl who always has my nails done, went tanning and would always find new ways to pamper myself. Just after I moved to Pemberton a little spa called Ivy Esthetics opened and this was the last piece of the puzzle to make me feel like Pemberton is home. They are a spa and offer all sorts of beautification and feel good services such as tanning, nails, waxing, makeup application and facials. This weekend I got a pedicure and facial and let me tell you, this was a great way to spend my Saturday. They have very highend massage chairs so while my footsies were getting pretty my body was relaxing. They us Dermalogica product for the facial and I even bought some exfoliant. The staff is very talented and friendly and helped me revive my passion for pampering myself. I’ll be back for frequent pedicures and I’m now hooked on facials. What other spa services should I try? What qualities do you look for in a spa? I believe spas should be spelled “SPAAAAHH.”

Not me….but me.

Not me….but me.

Subscriptions Galore

So, to avoid spending many hours in front of the TV, I decided to get “a few” magazine subscriptions. Some I got on my own. Some were gifts. So, I shall tell you which ones I got and my thoughts on them. I do know, FOR A FACT, that I have way too many!

Vanity Fair – This is a great fashion and lifestyle magazine and I always enjoy their ads and articles. I will be renewing this one! It makes me feel fancy and fashionable (while I read it wearing plaid).

Style At Home– This was my first Pemberton subscription that I bought with a Groupon. I’m not crazy about it but I would read it if it were in a waiting room. It does have some great tips about decorating and stuff but I usually find that information on Pinterest.

Yoga Journal– This is good but I may trade it up for a new “healthy” magazine. After a few issues the content starts to feel the same and due to a rib injury my yoga life is on hold. Don’t get me wrong, I like this magazine but it’s not a “priority” for my coffee table.

National Geographic– This magazine is awesome. You don’t need to read it in order and if there is one around when you have company it usually sparks an interesting conversation. I also find this magazine a GREAT one to put in the bathroom. It’s full of interesting facts and pictures and everyone loves it.  The only problem is that it feels sacrilegious to throw them out but I have no room to keep them (but I do keep them in the bathroom, for now).

Fast Company– I feel that I will always have a subscription to this magazine. It inspires a “new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders.” I hope that I one day am that innovative and creative thought leader that is featured in that magazine. I LOVE IT! I actually read it word for word.

Chatelaine– I feel that every Canadian woman should experience a subscription to this magazine at least once in her life. After hearing Jane Fransisco speak at a WOW Event, I knew I had to jump on this train. I have memories of reading my mom’s Chatelaine as a young girl. It has great articles and recipes and I feel like I always learn something from them. I also wish I was related to Jane so she would give me a job.  I will try to always have this magazine on my subscription list.

Macleans This magazine comes once a week and I can’t keep up. I did notice that a lot of the articles are about politics but that might use be due to the Rob Ford “situation.” Having all of the other subscriptions I find it hard to stay on top of this one. I may or may not continue this one. However, I love that they pay tribute to a Canadian who has passed away, on the last page. I also feel like this magazine makes me smarter…..

So, what magazines do you subscribe to and do you think that I should get rid of any on the above list?


A few of my “favourite” things….

Being from the prairies I’m naturally conditioned to hate winter. You would if it was -40 Celsius and your mascara would freeze your teary eyes closed.

Knowing that it is now winter I must remind myself about the good things about winter up here:
  • There is snow but never gets much colder than -10 (if that)
  • Pemberton is warmer than Whistler so sometimes I get 2 seasons in one day
  • Skiing is fun (expensive and hard but fun)
  • Hot tubbing is awesome in winter
  • Hot tubbing is more awesome when it’s snowing outside
  • I like wearing warm and cozy clothing
  • Early bed times (due to lack of daylight)
  • Snow days
  • Winter ends March-Aprilish
  • How sexy men (especially Shayne) look in ski gear, hoodies and touques
  • Being the only Jew in Pemberton allows for me to throw fun parties that people want to come to (and try by horrible Jewish cooking)
Here’s a song (with lyrics) about how I feel at Christmas time in Pemberton:

Just kidding about being lonely….I’m not. I do feel like the only Jew in town though. Am I?

Winter Is Coming…

The heat is cranked. The frost is here. The ice is on our patio. The hot tub steam looks like a Snoop Dogg video. This only means one thing…..WINTER IS (almost) HERE!


So, there are a few things that I need to get myself ready for winter and my second ski season. I’m having trouble deciding what to buy so I’m hoping my readers can help me.

I need a winter jacket that is warm with a big COZY hood. This is for every day life (remember, I take the bus) and my style is business casual. Which jacket should I buy?

This is from Aritzia and is $275 (note: I do not look like this model and am only 5″1):

Aspen Parka

Aspen Parka

This is from North Face and is $400:

Arctic Parka

Arctic Parka

When Shayne told me I needed a new ski jacket, I argued. He then reminded me that my ski jacket is from a lost and found and that it’s a large men’s jacket. TOUCHE!

Will this be sufficient?



Or how about this?



Just kidding. I will probably buy something that is on sale and I don’t really care about how I look. Really, I’ll be covered is snow so you won’t be able to tell what I’m wearing. Any suggestions?

I also “need” a new paid of ski boots. Mine are ones that belonged to someone else. I don’t want to spend more money but I understand the importance of great boots. Mine will come from Fanatyk Co and I’m sure the will cost me a pretty penny. That’s okay because I will wear them for a few years.

I also need new mittens, fancy touque and two bikinis (for the hot tub and for my trip to Jamaica). Life up here can be very expensive. Do you have any cost saving tips for me (besides dumpster diving and digging through lost and found)?