A Photo A Day

Once a year I like to do an Instagram/Twitter photo challenge (this being year 2). I chose to do one put on by YYOGA because it just seemed like they had fun words, the Fall time is a pretty season to capture life and when I lived in Vancouver I LOVED practicing yoga there. Why should you hop on the photo challenge train?

*Each day there is a new word that inspires you to capture a moment of your day and share it with your network.

*It makes you think about what you see and experience differently.

*It allows you to connect with others who are participating in the challenge.

*You can exhibit a side of your personally that may be suppressed.

*You can be as creative as you want.

*If you commit, it allows you to hold yourself accountable.

*You can include words with your images and this may inspire you to be passionate, creative and witty.

*It’s free.

*It’s fun.

*Sometimes, there is a prize.

Click on the below image to see what inspires me each day (note: this links to YYOGA’s Facebook page because I couldn’t find this on their website:


So, if you are on the photo challenge bandwagon with me, give me a follow: @blairfromblairland (Instagram) or @BlairKaplanPR (Twitter) and let’s share pictures and ideas.


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