Resurrection of Pemby Fest

WOW! It happened! Pemberton Music Festival is returning this July (18-20). Holy smokes!

I’m super stoked and here is my top 10 reasons why:

1. I LIVE in Pemberton so I will not have to deal with commuting and spending extra money on airfare or gas.

2. I effin’ LOVE music festivals.

3. I can shower, every day, due to my home being near by.

4. I can bike to and from the show (along secret paths to avoid the highway).

5. The Trailer Park Boys think we should all go:

6. Friends that I haven’t seen in forever will be coming to my town to rock out.

7. I’ll be able to hear the music from my hot tub (probably).

8. I’ll be taking a few extra days off work to rock out/recover (and I will be trapped in Pemby, anyways).

9. They had a kick ass announcement party that got me stoked.

10. Once again, the festival is in my backyard (almost) so I couldn’t be more excited.

These pictures are from the 2008 Pemby Fest (taken from my friend Sarah’s Facebook album):

263_20313704463_2820_n 263_20313694463_2139_n 263_20310054463_4557_n 263_20309644463_4299_n

I am a little worried about our town being trashed but I am hopeful that the organizers will not let this happen! Will you be coming to air guitar with me?

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