Snacks, In Bed

How do you feel about snacking while in in bed? Are you or your partner guilty of this?

Well my boyfriend and I are…..sometimes. We sometimes have a “snack n’snuggle” where we watch TV from bed, snack and cuddle. This is also something that doesn’t happen often. I’m not a fan of snacking in bed or waking up covered in crumbs.

The question is, where do you draw the line with what snacks you bring to bed? Just the other day my other half was snacking in bed (while I was asleep) and he must have fallen asleep mid-munch because I work up in the middle of the night COVERED in vanilla pudding. Funny? Yes! Gross? Very! I hate pudding….. But this was hilarious.

So, the new rule is no pudding in bed. Where do you draw the line?



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