Pissed Off/On

Have you ever been pissed off because you have been pissed on? Well, I’m currently (well, for the past year) having an issue with my cats and their bathroom lack of bathroom habits.

Meet Ash. She looks innocent but she's not.

Meet Ash. She looks innocent but she’s not.

Duffy, the younger but larger ginger cat, likes to pee on my favourite spot on the couch. Why does he do this? BECAUSE HE HATES ME! This happens when other people are around. I guess he is marking his territory. It’s annoying. Especially when I’m on the way to work and I end up with pee on my outfit and clean body.

Ash, the pretty older cat, usually does her business in the litter box UNTIL THURSDAY. She is very well behaved and smart. So, she was hiding in our room (closet). Her and Duffy were hiding in our room because we had guests in town/staying with us and the cats were not  fans of that or the extra noise. They are picky about who they hang out with and who they hide from.  The cats are WEIRDOS. Anyways, the litter box was at the other end of the house……which was outside of the safe, safe bedroom.

I was sitting on the bed and Ash came out of the closet, sat on my lap, looked me in the eyes and PISSED. This was very bizarre behaviour and I was grossed out. EW. Yes, Ash peed on me.

I was so pissed off on.  Has this ever happened to you?

Me but not me.

Me but not me.

Note: I am also constantly cleaning up vomit and hairballs. I guess it’s just getting me ready for having kids, right? Also, if I ever smell like CAT please tell me.

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