Why I’m In Love With My Birthday!

August 8th. My birthday.

This is a day that I love. Most people don’t “love” their birthdays or even celebrate them.

During elementary school Mrs. Maltz (our principal) would announce everyones birthday, daily. Being a summer baby, I never got this luxury and it always hurt my feelings. Growing up I got to celebrate my birthday at the most magical place on Earth: BB Camp. I was surrounded by close friends and nature. It was magical.

So, my birthday parties were usually in June or September, when everyone was back in school. This wasn’t my real  birthday so I wasn’t super stoked.

As I got older, my birthday was an excuse for everyone to get together, catchup and have a good time (in the summer). It allows for celebration and an annual catchup.  August 8th isn’t a day to celebrate my birth but a reason to have a good time.  Oh, I also love presents.

Today, I am 28. 365 days until my next birthday!

Good job Sharon and Leonard.


How do you celebrate your birthday?

Summer is here and I’m learning to bike (better), fish and other Pemberton activities. Follow me on my journey. Check back every Wednesday (ish) to see what I have been up to.

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