Pemberton: The Dangers of Biking

So, I’m not the most adventurous when riding my bike. I like to bike around The Meadows, to Miller Creek and to the Golf Courses (via the dike).  So, I have come to learn of a few annoying “dangers” out there and I’m willing to share my suggestions for a solution.

Danger 1: Getting hit by a car

Solution 1: Drivers, SLOW DOWN (especially if you see bikers on the road).

Danger 2: Driving into animal POOP (Bear, Dog and Horse)

Solution 2: Pick up your animal’s poop. If you aren’t able to do that, you deserve to step in a big pile of steamy shit because you are being an asshole to everyone who uses that path.

Danger 3: Bears

Solution 3: I have only ran into 1 bear and it was in the highway so I just kept going. I suggest you also keep going and let the bear be.

Danger 4: Falling off your bike due to root or rock.

Solution 4: Wear a helmet and do not wear flip flops ( I have learned this the hard way)


Also, when you bike at night make sure you have a light on your bike or you are wearing some reflective gear. What do you think the biggest danger is when riding your bike in Pemberton (or anywhere)?

Summer is here and I’m learning to bike (better), fish and other Pemberton activities. Follow me on my journey. Check back every Wednesday (ish) to see what I have been up to.


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