Free Fallin’

It was bound to happen sooner or later but last weekend it finally did: I fell off my bike.

This was a comical fall (aren’t they all?)!

I was pedalling on the grassy dike in Pemberton, with Sarah and Anita, when I decided that Sarah should get in front of me. Well, I have horrible depth perception and realized I had to stop to avoid crashing. I didn’t crash into her. Phew! I went to put my left foot on the ground but there was no ground so me, myself and Spike the Bike flipped down the grassy hill. I think I did a 360.

It was funny and I was laughing. I was only sore for a few days and was left with only a funny memory. Spike is feeling okay, too.

So, it got me thinking. Is there a proper way to fall? Let’s see what Biker Fox has to say:

Oh, and I got a sexy new Specialized helmet from Fanatyko (which I will never NOT wear again).

Summer is here and I’m learning to bike (better), fish and other Pemberton activities. Follow me on my journey. Check back every Wednesday (ish) to see what I have been up to.


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