My Day of Lessons on Spike


Tara, Blanche (her bike) and myself found a flower fridge. It is called Bathtub Gardens. We found this after she taught me how to put air in my bike tires (which I have not done since I took ownership of Spike (my bike). It rides so much better now.

This is a Blanche, Tara and  the flower sign picture. Pretty. I’m not telling you where this is because I hope there are always flowers left for me. If you really want to know, I will tell you…….if you leave a comment. 20130424-152106.jpg

We made a pitstop at Scott and Christyne’s house. They have a tree stump throne. They also wash windows and their company is called Glass Master Flash. Hire them!  Scott taught me how to change gears. Wow, I have 7 gears. My break and buttons on the right are for my rear and I assume all bikes are the same. He showed me where I should have my gears, depending on where  I am riding. He also put oil on my chain so I don’t sound like the Tin Man anymore. THANK YOU SCOTT, CHRISTYNE and TARA. Spike and myself are happy happy. Bike season is in my life!!!



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