My Day of Lessons on Spike


Tara, Blanche (her bike) and myself found a flower fridge. It is called Bathtub Gardens. We found this after she taught me how to put air in my bike tires (which I have not done since I took ownership of Spike (my bike). It rides so much better now.

This is a Blanche, Tara and  the flower sign picture. Pretty. I’m not telling you where this is because I hope there are always flowers left for me. If you really want to know, I will tell you…….if you leave a comment. 20130424-152106.jpg

We made a pitstop at Scott and Christyne’s house. They have a tree stump throne. They also wash windows and their company is called Glass Master Flash. Hire them!  Scott taught me how to change gears. Wow, I have 7 gears. My break and buttons on the right are for my rear and I assume all bikes are the same. He showed me where I should have my gears, depending on where  I am riding. He also put oil on my chain so I don’t sound like the Tin Man anymore. THANK YOU SCOTT, CHRISTYNE and TARA. Spike and myself are happy happy. Bike season is in my life!!!


I like to ride my bicycle…

I like to ride my bike!

Please press play while reading this post:

The snow is melting so I thought it was time to bring out my vintage Norco Pinnacle. There are so many fun trails that take you to magical places. I’m working on flat trails and so far I have gone up and down the trail behind my house, lapped One Mile lake and have been on Bathtub.

There are many trails to explore (click to enlarge):

Pemberton Trails

Pemberton Trails


I plan on buying a new bike and helmet but in the mean time my sexy bike will do. It has a broken ladybug bell, 2 water bottle holders and a stunning paint job.

So, will you go on a bike ride with me?



Tarzan, Queen of the Mountain

Have you ever had the experience of flying? This would be: bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining, parasailing, etc….

Recently, I was given the chance to fly through the rainforest with my aunt and cousin when we went zip lining with Ziptrek.

We did the Eagle Tour and it took about 3 hours. It’s fun for people of all ages and you must not be scare of heights. I never went upside down because I’m lame and it makes me dizzy but my family members were adventurous. Would I go again? Heck YES! Should you go, HECK Yes!

It’s amazing to have the flying sensation. Anyone can be Tarzan or at least pretend.



20130407-140812.jpgThe second picture is my cousin taking off….he looks like a blur. The last picture is my Aunt zipping upside down. She looks like a dot but this was the best picture I could get. I find it artistic.

Ziptreck also has an eco side to their tours. Throughout the day we learn facts about our surroundings (nature) and the company also gives back to the community. They support organizations such as Kiva, The Whistler Community Service Society and more! Go. Have fun. FLY!