Trading Adrenaline for Tranquillity

There is something magical about a place that exists (amongst  where you live) that allows you to escape life and reality.  Slightly up in the mountains, nestled perfectly to showcase a magical view, lies Scandinave Spa. This past weekend I had my second visit there and was accompanied by Val, Shayne’s mom. I decided to treat us to the bathes (no, not actual bathes but hot tubs, a steam room and other glorious things).

Here is what you need to know:

  • There is no talking
  • It is not cheap
  • You spend the day in your bathing suit
  • You have the option to rent a fluffy robe

If you are someone who loves Vicks Vaporub you will love the Eucalyptus Steam Room. I had such a clear nasal passage. Sauna fan? Spend some time in the Finnish Sauna. Not a fan of either, jump in the hot tubs!

View from above

View from above

The ritual is: hot (10-15 minutes), cold (20-30 seconds) and relax (however long you want).

We had a blast and we tried to keep chatting to a minimum  (which was hard for two chatty Kathy’s). There are no kids allowed and they offer  various massage services.

It’s worth spending some time there (alone, with friends, with a sexy date or your boyfriend’s mom) and if you are a Pemberton or Whistler local it will only cost you $35 for the bathes on Tuesday. I’ll be going over and over again, will you join me?


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