When Not to Ski

So, I find myself making excuses to not go skiing on my days off. However, some of the excuses are actually legitimate reasons for when a beginner  skier should not be skiing (also known as “bad conditions”). I do like skiing (I really do) but sometimes I would rather sit on my ass and watch a movie/relax.

Here are some valid (and not so valid) times when a beginner may not want to ski:

  • When it’s freezing rain. It is cold and wet and hurts when you fall.
  • Fog. It is hard to see where you are going.
  • Long weekends. It’s VERY busy and I know that I’m scared of getting hit by a snowboarder zooming by.
  • Any weekend. It isn’t so bad but the mountain is very busy. If you can go during the week…..GO!
  • Big Fresh POW days. The snow will be too deep and if you do go, stick to groomers.
  • If you are hung over. You are not alert and my injury yourself.
  • If you are drunk. You may hurt yourself (or die) and not know until the next day.

So, most of these situations have caused me to fail at going skiing. If you see a blue sky , get your tush to the mountain. If you don’t make it, you can probably come up with an excuse of your own. What other conditions can you add to my list?

Womp Womp

Womp Womp



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