As far back as I can remember I have always loved bingo. We played it in French class during elementary school, on school holidays we would play as a school (and the winner got to run down the hall to the office), my cousin and I would play when he was in town when we joined Baba Rutihie at the casino. I have also played it camping and at West Edmonton Mall. Over the past few years my Bingo fix was filled every Wednesday night at Celebrities on Davie Street in Vancouver with Drag Queen Bingo. How could it be a bad time? Drag Queens calling out bingo. Drink specials, inappropriate yelling when kinky numbers were called….heaven!


Moving to Pemberon meant that I would have to leave behind weekly bingo.

Well, just before Thanksgiving, Anita, Christine (2 of my friends) and myself stumbled upon bingo, IN PEMBERTON. This game was held at The Legion. The prizes were full hams or turkeys and this was the perfect excuse to buy a new dabber. I can honestly say that that was one of the best nights I have even had here. So, I ask you this, the people of Whistler and Pemberton, WHY IS THERE NO WEEKLY BINGO?

Bingo is simple and fun. Bingo can be used as a fundraiser. People who speak all languages can play. It’s timeless fun.

So, here is my request to YOU, the people of WHISTLER and PEMBERTON, can someone pleeeeaaaase organize weekly Bingo? I would do this If I wasn’t so new here. I promise I will bring everyone that I can.  Until then, I will play the Bingo app on my iphone., which is not the same.


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