Trading Adrenaline for Tranquillity

There is something magical about a place that exists (amongst  where you live) that allows you to escape life and reality.  Slightly up in the mountains, nestled perfectly to showcase a magical view, lies Scandinave Spa. This past weekend I had my second visit there and was accompanied by Val, Shayne’s mom. I decided to treat us to the bathes (no, not actual bathes but hot tubs, a steam room and other glorious things).

Here is what you need to know:

  • There is no talking
  • It is not cheap
  • You spend the day in your bathing suit
  • You have the option to rent a fluffy robe

If you are someone who loves Vicks Vaporub you will love the Eucalyptus Steam Room. I had such a clear nasal passage. Sauna fan? Spend some time in the Finnish Sauna. Not a fan of either, jump in the hot tubs!

View from above

View from above

The ritual is: hot (10-15 minutes), cold (20-30 seconds) and relax (however long you want).

We had a blast and we tried to keep chatting to a minimum  (which was hard for two chatty Kathy’s). There are no kids allowed and they offer  various massage services.

It’s worth spending some time there (alone, with friends, with a sexy date or your boyfriend’s mom) and if you are a Pemberton or Whistler local it will only cost you $35 for the bathes on Tuesday. I’ll be going over and over again, will you join me?



I’ve Been To Heaven

Skiing forces you to “suck it up!” You find a run too hard? Too bad. You can’t quit because you still need to get down the mountain and where else are you going to go? So really, there is no quitting.

When a significant other takes you, the beginner, skiing it can really test your relationships. Luckily, Shayne is very patient with me and my mad ski skills. He decided to finally ski with me.



Here are the facts/ highlights from Sunday:

  • I haven’t skied in 2 months making this my 6th time up there
  • Shayne is pretty much a pro skier
  • I have athletic endured asthma (sexy, I know)
  • Shayne’s a really good skier. I am not.
  • Went up Excalibur gondola on Blackcomb (my first time on this mountain)
  • Skied greens and cat tracks
  • Lunch that cost an arm and leg at Rendevouz
  • Skied 7th heaven cat track to 7th Heaven Express
  • Skied down Green, some blue (my first) and in some pow (also my first)
  • I fell a lot and my left knee and right breast are sore
  • Shayne said I yelled a lot at him but I’m just a loud human and was not yelling
  • I had to take many breaks
  • I survived and didn’t die
  • I rode the Peak 2 Peak Gondola
  • I’m still dating Shayne

I did learn how scary it is to fall on a cat track and how embarrassing it is. Tip: get out of the way as fast as you can and watch for fast skiers/boarders.

So, will Shayne take me skiing again? I think so. I do need to go skiing a lot more so I can get better but I have the basics (almost) down. Will you take me skiing (I won’t/don’t yell)?


Me at the top of 7th Heaven

To follow my mountain life journey, check back every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday) and read about my learning adventure. It is okay  to learn to ski at any age. If I can do it, so can you! Please share your skiing tips and comments below. Cheers! 

When Not to Ski

So, I find myself making excuses to not go skiing on my days off. However, some of the excuses are actually legitimate reasons for when a beginner  skier should not be skiing (also known as “bad conditions”). I do like skiing (I really do) but sometimes I would rather sit on my ass and watch a movie/relax.

Here are some valid (and not so valid) times when a beginner may not want to ski:

  • When it’s freezing rain. It is cold and wet and hurts when you fall.
  • Fog. It is hard to see where you are going.
  • Long weekends. It’s VERY busy and I know that I’m scared of getting hit by a snowboarder zooming by.
  • Any weekend. It isn’t so bad but the mountain is very busy. If you can go during the week…..GO!
  • Big Fresh POW days. The snow will be too deep and if you do go, stick to groomers.
  • If you are hung over. You are not alert and my injury yourself.
  • If you are drunk. You may hurt yourself (or die) and not know until the next day.

So, most of these situations have caused me to fail at going skiing. If you see a blue sky , get your tush to the mountain. If you don’t make it, you can probably come up with an excuse of your own. What other conditions can you add to my list?

Womp Womp

Womp Womp




As far back as I can remember I have always loved bingo. We played it in French class during elementary school, on school holidays we would play as a school (and the winner got to run down the hall to the office), my cousin and I would play when he was in town when we joined Baba Rutihie at the casino. I have also played it camping and at West Edmonton Mall. Over the past few years my Bingo fix was filled every Wednesday night at Celebrities on Davie Street in Vancouver with Drag Queen Bingo. How could it be a bad time? Drag Queens calling out bingo. Drink specials, inappropriate yelling when kinky numbers were called….heaven!


Moving to Pemberon meant that I would have to leave behind weekly bingo.

Well, just before Thanksgiving, Anita, Christine (2 of my friends) and myself stumbled upon bingo, IN PEMBERTON. This game was held at The Legion. The prizes were full hams or turkeys and this was the perfect excuse to buy a new dabber. I can honestly say that that was one of the best nights I have even had here. So, I ask you this, the people of Whistler and Pemberton, WHY IS THERE NO WEEKLY BINGO?

Bingo is simple and fun. Bingo can be used as a fundraiser. People who speak all languages can play. It’s timeless fun.

So, here is my request to YOU, the people of WHISTLER and PEMBERTON, can someone pleeeeaaaase organize weekly Bingo? I would do this If I wasn’t so new here. I promise I will bring everyone that I can.  Until then, I will play the Bingo app on my iphone., which is not the same.