Skiing so I can Après?

I did it. I went down a green run. What this means is that I am no longer on the learning hill.


Image originally on

Image originally on

The “green run” is the easiest slopes at a mountain and are usually wide and groomed, and not that “steep.” It does not mean that the snow is green in colour.

I went up the Fitzsimmons Express… which was neat because it was outside (unlink the gondola which is inclosed) and got off at mid station. I hung out on Whiskey Jack for the morning (from the very top and midstation). I forgot my #1 rule: DON’T LOOK DOWN! I fell but a friend picked me up and I slowly remembered everything that I have learned.

I also learned a few other lessons:

  • When your boot buckle is stuck, do another buckle up in order to undo it. Don’t freak out and tell other skiers your boot is broken because it’s not.
  • Whisky Jack is also a cute bird that hangs out on the mountain.
  • There are many lines to get onto the chairlift. Know where to go (you can ask). It is confusing.

Have you ever been inside a gondola before? Check out this video of me coming down from the top of Whistler:

I also love après. Après refers to socializing over drinks when your ski day is done. I have been Aprèsing for a long time so I guess you can say I’m now pre- Aprèsing. This weekend featured cesars and friends (Thea and Jodie)!

So, now that I’m on the grownup runs and embracing the après I feel like I’m growing up in the ski world. Soon I will try a different run (or maybe 2). What do you suggest I try next?

Image belongs to

A Whisky Jack.Image belongs to

To follow my skiing journey, check back every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday) and read about my learning adventure. It is okay  to learn to ski at any age. If I can do it, so can you! Please share your skiing tips and comments below. Cheers! 


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