Hospital Equals Percocet

As per my tradition, upon moving to a new place I must visit the hospital. This is not by choice. This is due to being very clumsy and breakable.  This Friday I decided it was time to check out the Whistler Health Center (aka “The Hospital”). Why? Well, in 2008 I fell off a fence and fractured by ribs and sometimes they hurt. Friday was sometimes…..but the pain was intense.

The Whistler Health Center was very clean. Once I got there I went to triage. I looked around me and realized I was the only one who wasn’t wearing ski clothes or a hospital uniform. I felt a bit silly.  After about an hour of waiting I was called to the “Nurses Station” where I was given Room 10. This was a room with a door and walls…..I felt lucky to have the penthouse suite.

As I waited for the doctor I noticed the wall of education:



This is just another reminder that I’m in Whistler (known for is transient culture which attracts mountain dwellers and athletes with throbbing loins).

I saw the doctor, who was really cool and he ordered a bunch of tests. I had an EKG and blood test, performed by a friend from Pemberton (proof that this town is small) and an Xray. All the staff were laid back and radiated the Whistler vibe. Shortly after my tests Shayne arrived and we found out that I had rib inflammation. Needless to say, I was given a prescription of rest and Percocet.

Percocet…. have you taken them before? Well, they make you stoned and an unfunctional human so don’t take one if you have life plans. I decided to stop taking them and get back to life. Due to this pit stop, this blog post is late because I was too “stoned” to write this.


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