Mind, Body and Sole Resources: Part 1

Being a new skier, I’m constantly seeking tips, tricks and resources to help me be the best that I can be. Skiing is a mind, body and soul (or sole) experience so here are 3 resources that I have discovered so far:

  1. Mind:  There is no law stating that you have to wear a helmet but after living up here long enough, you meet a significant amount of people who have suffered mountain related concussions. So, I choose to wear a helmet….which I bought at Fanatykco.

Mine is a Scott Helmet, It has MIPS (extra protection for my brain) and looks soooo sexy:

My new SCOTT Helmet

My new SCOTT Helmet

  1. Body: Do you ever wonder how many calories you can burn while skiing? Well, I do. I Googled my heart out and came across this nifty (and feel good) skiing calorie counter. I’m not sure how accurate it is but it is on a reputable website  (SELF.com) and it says I burn a lot of calories. So, I choose to listen to it:
Skiing Calorie Counter

Skiing Calorie Counter

  1. Sole: The reality of Ski socks did not exist in my knowledge base until a week before I went skiing. Shayne asked me if I had ski socks. Ski socks? Huh?  This is what I learned: Ski socks are usually made of synthetic materials (not cotton) and are almost as high as the knee (to fit under the boot). Hypothetically, if your ski boots fit well, you should have a thin pair of socks and they will keep your feet warm.
Fanatyk Co socks on the left and Dissent socks on the right

Fanatyk Co socks on the left and Dissent socks on the right

You can find some of these socks at Fanatykco. They carry their own brand, which are very popular for the locals, and Dissent Lab socks. Remember, you cannot ski without socks because that would just be silly and weird!

These are 3 resources/items that I find helpful as a beginner and you should find them helpful, too! If not, just lie and say you do!

To follow my skiing journey, check back every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday) and read about my learning adventure. It is okay  to learn to ski at any age. If I can do it, so can you! Please share your skiing tips and comments below. Cheers! 


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