Holiday Sledding Shenanigans

E-cards are a good thing to send out but they can be  boring to receive because so many people send them. Jibjab has come along and created the ultimate home made digital e-card. There is a free version OR you can pay $5 a year for unlimited e-cards. Trust me, it is worth the 5 bucks!

Here are some of my Jijab usage highlights:

  1. You import an image of a face (it can belong to you or someone else) onto a pre-existing body that dances around. The image can from your files or Facebook.
  2. It provides hours and hours of  entertainment, during the creation process.
  3. The people you send these cards to can’t help but laugh and smile.
  4. There are many options and genres of cards (including static images).
  5. Very affordable. I pay $5 a year and to own the file for this video (I paid $1.99 9so I could put it on  YouTube).

This is mine and Shayne’s holiday e-card. We sled, throw snowballs and crash into things.

Happy Holidays from us!


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